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What is this all about?

Hello, my name´s Katya an architect based in Lisbon Portugal. The idea behind this blog born from the conversations I have and had with friends about Architecture. How sometimes people perceive us, architects as an Elite profession, inaccessible persons with super costly services, others that don’t see us or any kind of professional with respect, rather than a Doctor or a Lawyer.

Well, I pretend to approach many topics and subjects the best and simple way possible, so people can understand and easily overcome our very technical speech, most times we are accused to have. Want to show also, the benefits you can have by hiring an Architect, show our points of view sometimes with humor, others with sarcasm…
Like i said, this translates into the coffee conversations I do have with friends about our profession and how people can overcome that idea we live on a fancy bubble.

Expect to gather diverse audience, Architects and Non-Architects.

By the way, I can only retreat the universe I live in, which happens to be in Lisbon, Portugal. See this blog as a relaxed and unpretentious space to talk about Architecture, to get people informed and to change some shady points of view.

Have fun and make the best use of these posts!

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Hello i'm a Lisbon based Architect, interested in creative content, currently dedicated to build up my Architecture Studio.

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