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Types of clients to run away

That’s right my friends, who never came across with some lovely characters that don’t see you as a professional and lack respect? I believe once in a life every one or almost everybody did. When you are on the field for some quite years you start to identify and somehow you develop a filter. Like antibodies, we begin to get immune to such people, simply because we start to detect on time what type of client that person is.

Longs were the days that Architects only knew to make Architecture seating in their office and waiting for a client to comes in. Nowadays you find many Architecture Studios or Offices, from young Architects, many belong to my generation (35-45), with an interesting twist in history.

Those young Architects manage technology, most are entrepreneurs at same time, others run other businesses that provides them a constant monthly income. In the way online shops and online businesses are growing, you assist more and more of creative people building parallel ways to earn money. It’s a clever way to say No to difficult clients.
Here’s some types you might want to run away for sure!

The snowman
Cold as a glacier, don’t show any feelings or sympathy over your work, just want to get things done. Normally these types of clients are not interested in your creative side or creative process, they just use you, that’s the right word, they just use you because they need an Architect to transfer their ideas in a paper and sign the project to get a building permit.
Keep the Celine Dion chorus of “Baby think twice” over and over in your head!

Don Juan
They come to you all fluffy, flirtatious, they highlight your work, full of compliments, they try to dance the seduction game, so in the end you’ll just listen the very typical: “I don’t afford your services but I would love to work with you, for X amount of money. This is all because i really really would love to work with you!” 
BAAAAMMMM, just like that, someone throws you a cold water bucket in your face…
These people think they own the right to pricelist your services and in the beginning, it’s all flowers and love, TLC and “Let’s get it on” from Marvin Gaye. Typically, they’re just willing to pay half of your services value. Not very Romantic this last part!

The Champion
Very straight forward, usually these clients are always on a rush, they’re like Alcoholic people, ever heard the quote; “…a Alcoholic person falls asleep drunk, when wakes up still drunks.” That’s more or less this type of client, the only difference is that they go to bed on a rush, by the time they wake up, still on a rush. Normally delusional deadlines, everything as to be made on their own pace, don’t respect your time, don’t respect response times from other teams, they just want to get Shit done! I’m already tired just to think of…

The Conspirator
Like the Smashing Pumpkin initial Lyric “The world is a Vampire…” These folks tend to blame everything, everyone one, whatever you’ll do they’re never pleased, everything is a conspiracy against them, by the time they reach you, they’ve been in another 5 Studios priors yours, blaming the contractor, engineer, architect, the dog, cat, bird, etc etc
Just be gentle and walk away by saying you have a lot work to be done, don’t foresee free time on your calendar.

Cocky Bastard
No nickname for these ones… Things are what they are….

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