Small Flat? Hello Echo Dot

At the beginning, i was a little bit apprehensive about Alexa and all this step forward by letting a device invade my personal space and, in some way, help me on those insignificant tasks, for us sometimes are irrelevant, however who lives the rush day by day of a city knows my feelings.  I decided to let go my espionage scares and open doors, to that little device.

The Echo dot 3rd generation my Amazon.
First, being a minimalist, I loved the white option, most known as Sandstone. And yes, who lived computers like I did, in 90’s we do suffer from the same image, to witness the age side effects, where that yellow, started to embrace even more the equipment to the point that was no remedy or returning point. Well, those days are gone. However, if you’re so traumatized that there’s no plans to buy electronics without being black, you have lucky, they do also have the Charcoal and Heather Grey.

Who lives in a small flat and do have a very busy life, Echo dot can help a lot.  My resilience for it, became when there was news about espionage, creepy stories. With time, I started to get more interested to the point where a started to read reviews on blogs, watch YouTube videos, till the point I decided to give it a try.  

These are some considerations from someone that do have a very busy life and didn’t even explored 100% the features and possibilities. First, you can schedule a timer to help you remind something is on the oven!! Yes… if you’re someone like me, many many times I just forgot something was boiling, on the fridge or cooking inside and became very frequent to burn food, just by the fact I was so engaged on another task, that I simply would forget what I left behind before.
Help you organize lists, whether they are shopping lists, To do lists or something related to your business, it’s very helpful if you’re preparing the meal, you remember there’s something important for the day after and you just have to give indications. Simple as that.

You can shuffle by voice in your Spotify account, however to do so, you must have a Premium account, free are not supported. The equipment will only let you make the connection if your account is Premium, otherwise, not possible. (see echo dot app).

Setting the alarm, if you like to wake up with music that could help you and protects from those hardcore wake ups from your mobile ringtone. Basically, is combining one equipment to many others we used, for example morning Tv news, or morning news, you can always ask a brief report, there’s no need to scroll down from your laptop or tablet. While you’re preparing the breakfast there’s a lot you can access by only a voice order. Netflix, yap, if you have a Smart tv, that can also be accessed by Echo Dot, and get rid of those annoying navigations with your remote control.

Let’s not forget to mention about light control, in case your apartment is already equipped with Smart Switchers you’re ready to go. Just in case you don’t know, there are to examples, one is from the renowned brand Tp-Link, another from Treatlife and last Teckin. There are other manufacturers, I guess you only have to follow your personal taste and whatever design is more appealing to you.  Philips also got into the race by launching the line Philips Hue, a light system that can be managed through your little device.  If you live in a small flat inside the Urban jungle this little fellow can be a huge help into day-by-day organization.

A total hands free!  

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