Retro Cycling Helmet

Minimal and Retro Urban cycling helmet, brought up by the Brand, Thousand. Offers a range of color pallets inspired on 50’s and 60’s. This simple, yet very ergonomic helmet, helps those Minimal lovers to cycle among the streets with pure style.

The inspiration as you can see, comes from vintage motor cycle helmets, where the Design was super Basic and Simple. Off course, security aspects at that time, weren’t so developed as technology nowadays is. The Thousand Helmet breaths that design simplicity, without putting in question your safety first.

Colors offers are divided into the following references:

Artic Grey

Carbon Black

Speedway Creme

Willowbrook Mint

Stay Gold

Stealth Black

Thousand Navy

The Clean Design is not the only feature that distinguish from others, the helmet comes with a Pop-Lock to protect from theft, turning into a minor problem when the subject is to keep it safe, without surprises.
The Leather straps reinforce that Vintage and Retro look to your helmet.

A bonus here, is that the strap itself is sweat free, saving us from that usual sticky sensation after a ride.
The helmet comes with Ventilation to help you fresh your hair, head and keep you cool.

So if you’re a urban cycling commuter and you want to ride to your work with style, pick which one most suits you and spread some Vintage Charm!

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