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Pinterest Mindset Pros & Cons

Pinterest among Instagram both are my preferred social networks. It’s a clean and accessible way to promote images. For those inside creative business, which in fact the power of image is very important, the opportunity to promote, explain or search through image is a major step. I remember very well, those times when you exchange emails or had a conversation through email with your client and you want to explain how certain materials could get along and others don’t. But just by the fact that there weren’t any images available to show, the perception was more difficult. Internet at that time didn’t had so much offer that we have nowadays. Some projects here and there, from online magazines, blogs…

Those mood boards are very cool, when you want to create a visual data base for materials, textures, colours, spaces etc etc.

Pinterest I must say for me, it’s an excellent tool to work, I can create a huge list of pins that in the end are my mood boards for some projects. Those mood boards are very cool, when you want to create a visual data base for materials, textures, colours, spaces etc etc. Means that someone already had made it, inside another context of course, but the solution that we’ve been thinking about, actually works, and turns out to be a possibility to the project in question.

I think, Pinterest, has helped to give another impact and impulse in creative industries.

Very helpful to communicate with our team, or an easy tool to communicate with the client. Clients they do have the opportunity to understand a suggestion, a critic, a solution or a innovation. Became more easier to save all our ideas in an organized data base and to share it. For that I vehemently clap my hands, I do use it a lot. I think, Pinterest, has helped to give another impact and impulse in creative industries. So, what’s my concern about?

What in a certain way bothers me, is when I start to see some Pins with the DIY motto! I don’t have anything against it, in my opinion there are some fancy stuff people should try to do at home, but others watch out! It’s quite very common to see Pins with a totally transformed space, renovated one with the underline saying;

.“Do this all yourself”
.”Cheap & easy project”
.”Be your own Designer”
.”Turn your kitchen like one from Magazine”

And I could be all day long posting those super emphasized underlines, just to show how disruptive some information is out there. Professionals tend to ignore those descriptions and normally I do not save any Pin that wrongly passes that kind of message. I know the reality, so I don’t get deceived by that kind of Marketing technic.

Clients normally are unfamiliar with this type of Marketing technics used just to create a funnel to acquire more traffic to their Pins, which can translate into more visitors to their websites or blogs.  Further in time that can generate organic traffic to their blogs and websites. So, in the end, they’re winning. The client is the one that made fool figure.

I’m not bragging every renovation you do, you must hire an Architect, it doesn’t make sense in many situations either, but clients must create a filter and learn to not believe in many things they see. For instance, let’s say you see an idea on Pinterest, which in fact you’re very fond of because it resonates 100% of your renovation idea you pre-established. Why not contact an Architect or Interior Designer that have a common friend with you and ask for an opinion? Just an opinion, like “do you think the expertise of plumbers, electricians and painters on site it’s enough or should I get a more professional help?” Most of times, if you’re not compromising, the structure, gas connections, water and sewage, you’re good to go alone. As far as if you want to have on board the help of a professional, it’s up with you, your personal needs and personal capacity to turn your ideas into reality and communicate them with the build team.

Now, don’t follow on those crap Pins, that promotes massive renovations without the need to hire a professional to help you. Or don’t believe yourself on Pins that promotes high end projects in cheap price. That doesn’t exist for sure! There are many ways a professional can help you.  Just as a consultant, just to help you on the concept stage, just to help you supervising construction work on site. There’s plenty of ways you can access help.

Pinterest is a world to connect ideas, but don’t follow in every fake and spam Pin you come across with.

image credits © nd3000

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