Folding Bikes – Urban commuters

Commuters, urban daily commuters. If in some way you’ve been considering to acquire a folding bike for your everyday commute, in substitution for a crowded bus or face the daily hassle to drive car, get stuck on traffic jam, along many others stressful factors, then this is a good option.

ECOSMO 20″ Lightweight Alloy Folding City Bike £235.99

Folding bikes not only are essential for your health, since you can ride it and take it with you, such as you’ll enjoy the city more. If you live in a friendly bike city, this can be a very effective way to turn your trips into something pleasant.

EuroMini Via 26lb Folding Bike-Lightweight Aluminum Frame £382.11

EuroMini Urbano 24lb Lightest Aluminum Frame Genuine

Depending on the topography, you can pick on these models, and see which of them suits you better, taking into consideration of course, uphill’s degree of difficulty, among other factors.

ECOSMO 16″ Folding City Bike Bicycle 6 Speeds £219.99

You should always seek how many speed gears are provided by the pretended model, weight capacity and the weight of the bike itself. Don’t forget this last one, since you’ll carry it everyday with you. In some way, the most difficult task I can say should be down the stairs, but to walk through a metro/train platform, you can lean on the bike wheel.

Critical CyclesJudd Unisex Matte Black 1 Speed £172.16

Bikes provided with one speed only are good for those who live in a plain city, i advise you not to drive with one of those along the Lisbon Hills. Not even Lance Armstrong my friends!

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