Cold Coffee brewer

Long hours are expected for an Architect to spend in front of the computer. Either for finish a project or to compose an idea, a concept. Hot coffee is nice on those long cold winter nights, however not so good on summer days or nights. Surprisingly there are a significant number of cold brew coffee lovers.

Normally products with filter in some way can help enrich your coffee flavor, since the concentrate coffee is stored in that compartment and help you keep up for 2 weeks. Not only Architects, Designers and people from creative industry usually work at night. Somehow, it’s a question of personal organization, or it’s the time when your brain produces more original ideas. Coffee is not only for the “night owl”, it’s a pleasure that can be tasted in any time.

This Cold Coffee brewer, does have dual functions, one the name itself tells you, and the second one, for Tea lovers, hot or cold.  You choose it.
It’s very handy, you choose your coffee, prepare it and let the magic happen for 12 hours on the fridge.  
Have the option for 1L or 1.5L.

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