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Architect Sketchbook

What’s the most common thing that Architects carry with them?
No, not black shirts…Sketchbook!
Sketchbooks are the most important gear for an Architect to take notes of his ideas, sketch details, appoint problems, register solutions, explain something for a client or contractor. You name it… Tons of important things, are registered in that notebook of several pages, in blank, awaiting to be filled with creativity.

As a must have, sometimes I just take a piece of paper and start to sketch. Then comes another idea and comes another paper. And so on, repeatedly to the point where sometimes an important drawing gets lost in a free sheet. Yes, the fact to not have it grouped in one notebook, promotes disorganisation. With disorganisation comes, lost things and finally, chaos.

Here are some nice Sketchbooks to help you organize your ideas, or at least, to have them grouped, helping you to improve your self-organisation and being more effective if you have to communicate with someone else an idea or solution.

LEUCHTTURM1917 – Hardcover (80g paper) £12.99

Artway Studio – A4 Sketch Book (170gsm paper) £7.99

Lemome Blank Notebook – with pen holder £9.99

Dingbats* Wildlife – Hardcover Notebook (100gsm paper) £15.95

Moleskine Hard cover – A4 Size (70gsm paper) £18.11

Artway Enviro Recycled hardback Sketchbook (170gsm paper) £7.99

Vehicle for a nice sketch

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